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Frobots Webinterface Offline
Montag, 12 April 2010
After two years of soccer fun we regret our decision to shutdown the webinterface. If you are interested in testing it you still can contact us for a special date. Tearily your Frobots Team
Last Updated ( Montag, 12 April 2010 )
Welcome to TU Freiberg Robotics Group
Samstag, 12 Juli 2008

The robotics group of the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg is a young research group interested in research and education in autonomous robotics. Particular research interests are soccer playing robots for RoboCup domains. Our team RoboLog (joint project with Dr. Oliver Obst) participated in the 2007 RoboCup competitions and won the 1. place in the "Development Competition".


The goal of our recent robotics project is to allow the user to control soccer playing robots via intuitive interfaces such as the Nintendo Wii stick or websites. While work and research on this topic is still ongoing, we are happy to present current results in the following video:

Last Updated ( Mittwoch, 24 März 2010 )

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