Guidelines for the Layout of Papers
The guidelines below should help you in the preparation of your paper.
We ask you to follow these guidelines to give all papers a uniform look.
You can download a sample page from

The layout follows LATEX with the commands below in the preamble:


1. General
   - Length: Your abstract should contain maximally 6, final version 
     maximally 8 pages.
2. Page Layout
   - Paper Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)
   - Margins: left and right 32mm each, top 25mm, bottom 30mm
   - Page Numbering: Do NOT include page numbers
   - Paragraphs: Justified paragraphs
3. Fonts and Spacing
   - Text Font: Use Times New Roman throughout the document.
   - Sizes and Orientation:
	- Title 		18pt centered
	- Spacing Before Title	36pt
	- Spacing After Title	18pt
	- Name(s) of the Author(s)	13pt centered
	- Name(s) of the Institution(s)	13pt centered
	- Abstract Headline	9pt centered bold
	- Abstract Text		9pt, 10mm indented left and right
	- Headlines 1st Level	14pt bold
	- Headlines 2nd Level	12pt bold
	- Headlines 3rd Level	11pt bold
	- Normal Text		10pt, first line 5mm indented
	- Spacing Before Headlines 1st Level		14pt
	- Spacing Before Headlines 2nd and 3rd Level	8pt
	- Spacing After Headlines 			6pt